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From: Ryan r
Subject: Genesis Chapter 13 - Two lives Snuffed outChapter 13 - Two lives Snuffed out
Joeys Facility -- Secret Location -- Somewhere below Planet surface
"So, James, what exactly we're you planning when you took on my
nano-bots?" Richard wondered. "Your... your what?" James stumbled. "Well take a look at yourself," Richard laughed.
James looked down; he hung suspended above the ground, his arms and legs
in neuro-inhibitors, along with a collar around his neck and several
needles in his body. James couldn't move himself, he was completely at this
man's disposal, he knew who he was, Richard, Joey's head research
scientist. "Let me go!" James pleaded.
"Fat chance, Joey's got some pretty cool plans for you, well... not you,
just your body, you won't exist anymore!" Richard laughed. "What does that mean?" James asked.
"Well, simply put in fuck you lily allen about twenty seconds, these machines will pump a
serum, which can control your motor neurons, basically controlling you,
while killing your higher brain function." Richard laughed. "Creep, please, just let me go!" James begged his shaggy black hair
damp with visodangelo lilly sweat. "Five... four... three... two... one!" Richard counted, and the
pistons began to warm up. *** Somewhere in Joey's lab, near where Ryan and Skye were previously
held.The dark room burst to life as Skye and Ryan's energy particles
materialized within the room, and they took shape lilamber video
into their bodies,
covered in stealth, Lycra material, to protect them from being detected. "Where is he?" Ryan asked. "Let's try and hone in on his powers," Skye suggested. The brothers took each other's hands, closed their eyes and
focused, sensing James' powers."That can't be right," Skye thought, "His powers are moving, towards us." "Oh that's right!" Joey's voice filled the room as his body took up
a holo pad alongside them. "He's not so friendly towards you guys now, we got our way with
him, hope you enjoy your new friend." Joey laughed.
Skye and Ryan were both wearing a live camera feed that was sent via
secure network back to the base, Spencer, Evan and Alex both gasped across
the com channel. "You're masterbation boys lillte lying!" Ryan shouted. "Afraid not!" Joey taunted. "Come delilah loving genealogh on let's go look for him!" Skye offered.
"Don't worry about that, galilea porn video
he's lil girls naked
coming to you!" Joey corrected, his face
disappearing, and being replaced with a map, showing where everyone was. "He really is coming here, but who is that?" Ryan pointed to a
smaller green blip on the map."Well I thought since there are two of you, that there should be two of my
guys, it's my right hand man, ready to kick some boy ass!" Joey smirked. "Fat chance," Skye replied. "Well see!" Joey laughed, as the blips met and entered the space
outside the room Skye and Ryan were in.
The doors at the far end of the room suddenly exploded in a surge of fire,
the sensors on the boys face masks, polarized the lens to compensate. When the smoke cleared James stood in the doorway, standing asian lilly
him was Jacob. "Bring it!" Ryan shouted. "Gladly!" James replied, thrusting his hands out, streams of water
erupting out as highvelocity at Ryan and Skye. Skye quickly hardened the matter around him and his brother, the
water deflecting harmlessly away. "Try again," Skye replied.
"Forget about me?" Jacob replied, suddenly at Ryan's side, he quickly
landed one hard hit to Ryan's perfect face, leaving a mark. "You bastard!" Skye shouted, his fists clenched in anger, flames
erupting from them, "Don't fucking touch him!"
"Bring it Pretty boy!" Jacob laughed, as a metallic wave of matter washed
over him, in his place, now stood an anthro rhino, fully ripped and ready
to fight. "You're funeral!" Skye gritted his teeth, flames ripping across his
body, his white anthro dragon form emerging. Jacob launched a massive fist at Skye, which liltle girl fuck was easily deflected,
and Skye swung his tail at the rhino, galilea porn video which was caught.
"Don't forget me!" James laughed, summoning a stream of water from the
ground around Ryan; he was trapped, only able to hold his breath for so
The was a flash of blue light from within the geyser of water, as Ryan
broke free of the attack, launching a lightning bolt at James, which nicked
his leg, leaving a burn. "Fine, let's settle this!" James snarled, as a wave of metallic
water washed lily porn over him, a brown stallion emerging.
Ryan was next, his body quickly erupted into a stream of lightning, which
darted across the room, and when the bolt struck the ground Ryan emerged,
his icy-blue dragon form poised to strike.
"Aww, you're cute!" James replied, "Maybe if you're a good little boy,
I'll let you suck this!" He gestured lewdly to his horse form's member. "Fuck you!" Ryan shouted, launching a stream of electricity at
James, which he dodged. James ran in close, and launched a close kick on Ryan, which he
wasn't able to connect.Meanwhile, Jacob and Skye were still at it, bolts of flame and metal spike
hurtling across the room, which cialis lily effets secondaires
now was becoming more like a war scarred
battle field.
"So, have you realized yet, that you're newest member of your team's dead,
you FAILED him, and he died because of YOU!" Jacob taunted. "Shut up!" Skye yelled, landing a good punch to the rhino's face.
"What's the matter, realize you are a screw up, you're not lily tenue agent even able to
keep Lucas' lover alive, he's going to HATE you when you return, his body
in hand." Jacob grinned, despite being hit again by Skye. "I'll never let him go!" Skye yelled. "But you should, Skye, I'm already gone!" James laughed, lily pic as he
surrounded Skye with a geyser of water.
Jacob seized the moment connecting a massive metallic fist with Skye, who
flew into one of the walls and crushing the hardened concrete.
"Skye!" Ryan yelled, looking at his brother long enough for James and
Jacob to double team him, landing him in the wall beside Skye. "We have to fight back harder!" Ryan grunted. "But, he's James, we can't kill him!" free hot lil pics Skye returned. "He's not James anymore! James is gone, he did everything he could
to save me, he did, but at a cost!" Ryan countered. "I can't!" Skye shouted. "But I can!" James shouted, shooting boiling water across both boys
as Jacob dropped a large part of the ceiling on the two. "James, is there anything left!" Skye thought desperately. "Yeah, the part that wants to kill you!" James smirked.
"There isn't anything left Skye! We have to end this, or he will kill us,
if he overpowers you with un-due guilt!" Ryan explained, lilita free crawling out from
under the debris.
Skye screamed, his elemental side getting the better of him, fire streamed
from his very soul, white hot flames streaking across the room in every
which way, several destroying the room they were in, causing the fire
sprinklers to come on soaking the room, and continuing to spray. "I just had a shower!" Jacob shouted, as he shot another metal ball
at Skye.
Skye had had enough, he used his telekinesis to grab the metal ball in
mid-air, Ryan electrifying the materials, Skye slung it back at Jacob, fast
enough that he could do little but absorb the brunt of the blow.
Following this Skye lunched at Jacob, his claws out stretched and ready
for a fight, he swung, clawed, and gouged Jacob's hardened skin, red
streams of blood flowing from the wounds.
"You wanna see what a pissed off dragon is like, FUCK YOU!" Skye screamed,
his rage unleashed, the pain and anguish of losing James, the stress of
life, the shit Joey had put them through all rushing through him at once,
like a train through a tunnel. "Pretty boy's pissed now!" Jacob laughed, raising a spiked fist.
"Skye lunched at him again, this time through the air; his body igniting
into a liltle girl sex site
flame coating, his wings out stretched, he wrapped his way around
Jacob, lifting him into the air in a vortex of fire. Only once he was sure
that Jacob was sufficiently burnt, did Skye lunge into the flames, grab him
and fly straight down, throwing Jacob into the titanium-flooring, which
buckled and began to give way under the force.
Jacob now had a look of fear in his eyes, he was badly broken, even beyond
his morphs healing capabilities; fear replacing his original cockiness,
"Skye, please stop!"
"FUCK YOU!" Skye screamed his body tense, "you didn't give my friends the
choice to just quit, you tortured my own brother for almost a year, and you
never stopped for him when you broke his arm, just to hear him scream!"
Ryan was calla lilly pics shocked, masterbation boys lillte
he hadn't told Skye about what Jacob had girl lilitas done to him in
his year of being held captive, it was too painful; how did he figure it
out. It had to be this new bond that was forming between them.
Skye reached sideways with both arms, his fists gathering energy from
around him; fire, water, electricity, his own telekinesis, and the newer
more mysterious powers lil girls naked that he and Ryan had been given. The elements seemed
to flow like mana into his hands, orbs of life and light, rushing to his
command, the power intoxicating. Even James froze dead in his tracks, un-able to process what was
happening, his body waiting more commands from Joey.
The energy began to compress itself into one ball of energy, the power
scales on the walls erupted, overloaded. Skye focused the energy into its
one task, ending Jacob. "Skye, be careful!" Ryan warned.
Skye was beyond words, his anger, hatred and loathing too much for him,
Ryan was worried, when suddenly he understood exactly why and who Skye was
fighting for. Suddenly Ryan too was filled with the same hatred and lust
for power, the empathy abilities taking the reactions into overdrive.
Soon Ryan was at Skye's back, their powers combined, the ultimate force,
James still awaiting command, shocked beyond all belief as to what he was
seeing.Ryan and Skye charged the energy into one beam, one designed with one goal,
ending a morph, the beam's energy jumping to and fro from its source.
The energy was beyond containment at this point and the blast fired;
however, seconds before, James had received his red lilitas orders and quickly used his
entire morph life and mc nudes lilly energy to make a shield around himself, jumping in
front of the blast.
Jacob and James, using all their might to control this shield begged that
it would work James in front of Jacob, and the blast fired.
The walls lilitas movies free of the room, even the fabric of time and space seemed to lilita free melt
away as the immense energy burst from the boys like a lil girls naked Rail gun shot.
The blast slammed into James' body shield, which wavered and collapsed
almost instantly, his body dissolving, the remainder of the energy splashed
across the shields Joey had hastily erected around his warrior, they too
shattered and the entire building seemed to implode as the energy erupted
and then detonated within the building.
The explosion could be seen from space, the white flash and pillar of
energy exploding onto the surface of the planet like a new sun. The blast's
light washing across the surface of the planet.
When the massive cloud of dust and debris cleared, all that remained was
ash, once where Joey's lab and kilometers of forest had been now a glass
crater remained, ten kilometres around the blast site, gone... in a second. There was nothing remaining, except lil girls pornfree for two specs, Skye and Ryan's
bodies lying on top of Jacob, his body a wreck."You thought that could stop me?" Jacob free lilita sex grunted."Try this on," Skye breathed, gathering his own energy, focusing it into a
sword of his life essence."Chew on it!" Ryan grunted, passing his energy into his brother, their
hands both holding the blade.Skye and Ryan thrust down at the same time, the sword piercing not only
Jacob, but the ground below, sending more quakes into the earth.The energy sword seemed to evaporate Jacob absorbing his energy, and
destroying all that remained of him.Skye and Ryan collapsed, a light washing over them as they somehow managed
to transport back into their base, unconscious."Skye, Ryan!" the other yelled gathering them and getting them to the
medical area. ***One day later...Skye and Ryan awoke both with splitting migraines and the images of what
they had done still burned into their minds, they had lily pic ended the damage Joey
could cause on this planet, they were safe.Joey had to be out there somewhere, probably cowering in some dark cave."Is it over?" Ryan asked."This part defiantly is, now let's go hunt down Joey and end this war!"
Skye sighed, lily kathleen bryan
grabbing his brother's hand, interlacing his fingers with him.
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